Thanks, Captain Obvious!

I am amazed at how people LOVE to point out other people's flaws like the other person somehow doesn't know they have that flaw.  Like Thank You Captian Obvious. This happens way too much.   Like people don't think I know that I am fat ....OMG NO WAY!  Yet anytime someone is in an argument with … Continue reading Thanks, Captain Obvious!


Stepping back into the light.

*Door slowly opens* I gaze into darkness, I reach over and flip the switch up *lights flicker on*.  I walk into the room.... slowly looking around, I have been gone a long time, there is quite a mess to clean up and dust over everything.   I am finally ready to return and ready to clean … Continue reading Stepping back into the light.

15 Things I learned after the death of my sister.

On March 5, 2016 @ 930pm I found out my twin sister had died. My world stopped. We just had our 38th birthday just 2 weeks earlier. I just talked to her the previous day. This was not real. How can she be here one day and gone the next? She is/was my best friend, … Continue reading 15 Things I learned after the death of my sister.

Holiday Cheer turned to Holiday Jeer 

When you are a single mom with one income and no child support coming in holidays and birthdays are anything but cheerful for you.   My children understand that we don't have a lot of extra cash laying around.  While we have the basics, we still live paycheck to paycheck.  Every years I think we … Continue reading Holiday Cheer turned to Holiday Jeer 

Terror in a small town

Since Thursday night my area of town has been damaged every night for the last 3 nights.  My apartment complex has 2 buildings, Thursday night/Friday morning some one decide to flood one building and spray paint hall ways, doors, mailboxes with profanity and racial symbols.   My building got the spray painting also but no … Continue reading Terror in a small town

Can’t have nothin’ nice!

Can’t have nothin’ nice!” a phrase my mom use to say quite frequently while I was growing up.   Once I had children I learned why she said it all the time.   My Baby Girl has been on a rampage lately destroying one thing after another.  As soon as I think I have an item out … Continue reading Can’t have nothin’ nice!