Rule of 3 for Time Management

For a week I tried to be more productive with my time at work and at home by using my rule of 3.  At work I was limited to 3 times a day to access my internet for pleasure and at home I was to complete 3 chores before bed.  The first day I was golden, but as the week went along I learned I needed to implement some new strategies into my daily routine.

At my current job I have unlimited access to Facebook, Pinterest, and a few other of my oh so favorite websites.  To help myself be more productive at work, I have limited myself to only going on these sites 3 times a day.  I am awful when it comes to having squirrel moments (times when you just can’t focus for the life of you), during these squirrel moments I drift to the internet.

During this week at work, I learned to be more productive I have to WRITE.IT.DOWN!  I have to write a list of all the things I need to have accomplished that day.   It really does help to keep me in line and offline.  I usually write my list in order of priority while having my first cup of coffee for the day, it helps me not feel rushed or like I am getting dumped on first thing in the morning.  IF someone has an “emergency” first thing in the morning I no longer RUSH around, it can wait 5 more minutes.  I also have welcomed Outlook reminders into my life to help me with deadlines and meeting reminders.

Work was the easy part, home was a completely different monster all its own.  As a single mom of a teenager and a toddler things rarely went how I wanted them to go.  The 3 things  I learned about how to handle the 3 chore rule at home were the following :

  1. Get a Planner, Calendar, or Utilize your phone task manager/calendar. I am old school and I have a cheap phone that can’t handle more than one thing at a time, I went to Walgreens and got a Weekly/Monthly Planner.  It has a weekly pages and a view of the whole  month at once.  I L.O.V.E IT.  I like having a hard copy to look at.  20150929_145831
  2. WRITE.IT.DOWN!  In my world, if I don’t write it down, it never existed and will probably never happen.  Biggest Lie I tell myself…”I don’t need to write it down, I will remember.”  Guess what 90% of the time….I never remember.  I have waved the white flag of surrender and realized only way I will get better at this is to WRITE IT DOWN! 20150929_145304
  3. Know what triggers your lazy and what motivates you. I have kids, tired is a permanent fixture of who I am .  I know if I turn on the TV and sit down, I am not getting my happy butt up again. So, I have to do my 3 things while either cooking dinner or right after I get home and set my purse down.  My motivator is Music! I put on some Jams and off I go!

Now, I am far from being an expert and I know this may not work for everyone but it works for me.  Hopefully it can help someone.



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