Can’t have nothin’ nice!

Can’t have nothin’ nice!” a phrase my mom use to say quite frequently while I was growing up.   Once I had children I learned why she said it all the time.   My Baby Girl has been on a rampage lately destroying one thing after another.  As soon as I think I have an item out of her reach, she proves me wrong.  Here are a few examples of her destruction.

Broken Pig
She murdered my favorite Piggy Bank.  While it is not an expensive item, it was a gift from my mother after I returned from living in England.  It was Priceless in my eyes…now it is a pile of plaster.  *sobbing*
Broken Pig
Destroyed Make-up
Before I had my Baby Girl, I was a make-up snob, I admit it.  I loved the stuff, obsession was an understatement.  After I found out I was pregnant, I cut myself off from my expensive hobby.  So 2 years and no new pretties for me and of course does my baby girl go after the cheap stuff, of course not.  She has nearly destroyed my entire collection; we are talking hundreds of dollars in make-up.  I makes my stomach hurt.   This is only one of the many.
She-Hulked my Jewelry Armoire
Never underestimate the strength of a toddler.  She straight up tore the front of the drawer right off, for this one I seriously lack the words to describe how I feel about this.  I don’t know if I should be proud she is so strong or scared shitless. 
Water fetish
I can’t believe how many times these phrases have come out of my mouth any given day… “Get your feet out of the cat’s water!”, “leave the cat’s water alone!”, “stop turning running the bath”, “and turn the faucet OFF!”    Well Sunday night I left her brother in charge of her, so that I could run up the street to get quarters to do laundry.  Was gone less than ten minutes, and she decided my phone needed to go for a swim.   SIGH!  (Cue mommy meltdown)  My son and I are with Straight Talk, when we need a new phone we have to pay for it out right.  Since I need a phone and would still like to feed my kids I am stuck with a phone the cheapest phone Straight Talk had, it does what I need it to do for now. 
I will be trying to devise a way to lock all my stuff up so she can’t break anything else I value, wonder how much a big safe is?

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