Lost but now found

Ever since we had the vandalism and fires at my apartment complex only thing I have been wanting to do is leave!   So every day I work on cleaning out closets, cupboards and boxes.  Now, I have lived here almost seven years, I didn’t realize how much CRAP I HAVE!!

Every box is a mystery and like Christmas ha ha ha!  This box was in the back of my of closet on the floor for who knows how long.  I am so not organized, but working towards being better organized.


I have been finding things I thought were lost a million years ago.   My Gone With the Wind pill case from, gosh 7th grade, my secret journal from 8 years ago, my high school letter, the frame I received when my cat Tuxyman died, a cough drop EWWW and pens lots of pens.


So I sort the box and keep only a few things, the high school letter, the frame,  the journal and only the pens that actually work.   Now for some people sorting this box would have been easy just toss everything but when you come from a family of keepers, it is harder then it looks.   It has taken me years of therapy and the desire to change just to get this far.  My desire to change my habits on keeping things started 3 years ago and I am still working through things.   I have stopped hoarding magazines, I only allow myself the fall issue max 3 magazines.   At one point I had 10 magazines and catalogs coming to my house monthly plus I was purchasing others off the rack.   Pretty sure my mail person hated me.  I didn’t really see an issue till I moved to my current apartment 6 years ago,  I moved three boxes of magazines that the oldest was 5 years old.   I kept them because I had not finished reading them or there was a recipe or project I wanted to keep.    So I guess that was the true beginning of change though at the time that was the only thing I changed. 
So now during this I am finding the motivation I lost to continue to change and finding things I thought I lost.

Later my lovelies,


P.s. Change is messy!!! Lol



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