Holiday Cheer turned to Holiday Jeer 

When you are a single mom with one income and no child support coming in holidays and birthdays are anything but cheerful for you.   My children understand that we don’t have a lot of extra cash laying around.  While we have the basics, we still live paycheck to paycheck.  Every years I think we will be okay and I can finally have a Christmas were I am not stressing out and every year something happens and that dream of a stress free Holiday disappears.   I know my kids will be happy with whatever they receive but I still feel guilty for not getting them what they really want or what my family wants.


Today I found out not only am I not getting the end of year bonus I was hoping for (couple hundred dollars) I am also not getting a raise for next year.  Apparently I did not exceed expectations enough to qualify for both or any.  Personally, I think it is utter bull crap because I do every job that was given to me and I even had several letters of excellence sent to my supervisor.   I don’t know what I did to deserve the rating I did receive which was “yay thanks for being average”.  So now I know next year is going to be the same as this year.  Which is just utterly depressing.   

Hoping my Christmas Jeer turns to Cheer some time soon.



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