VA failing! 

I have Rheumatoid arthritis (RA).  I was diagnosed when I was 29 years old.   For the last 5 years I have been trying to get consistent treatment with the Veterans Health Administration here in Central Illinois.   For over a year now I have been without any medication because the current RA Doctor will not prescribe me any medication. He won’t give me medicine because when I see him (once every 3 month), I show no signs of inflammation in my hands via ultra sound. I did show severe inflammation the first time I saw him. When I was pregnant  I went into remission till about 6 weeks post delivery then the flare ups got bad. Apparently, he thinks because I don’t show up with a flare up that I don’t need the medicine.  He states because the drugs have bad side effects I shouldn’t take them unless necessary. I think he missed the class that states these are preventive medicines,  not to be used only when you have a flare up.   

To see this doctor I have to drive 2 hours one way to Indianapolis, Indiana.  I have to take the day off work and pay the babysitter extra because I usually don’t get home till after 7pm at night.  I am a single mom, it is a very difficult situation.   So then I decided to call about the VA Choice program.  The VA makes you an appointment with a local doctor.   They are suppose to call with the appointment after 5 days,  it has been 2 weeks and still no call!!!!  I have had a very bad flare up for the last 2 weeks, in the mornings I can barely walk or grip my toothbrush.   I have missed work and I am stuck in this condition because the VA is failing me.  

I am in constant pain, which causes me to withdraw and I am not getting any of my chores done.   My house has gone to the wolves at this point.   I am getting depressed and angry.   I don’t know what else to do but write letters to everyone and anyone about the crap service I am getting.   


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