Thanks, Captain Obvious!

I am amazed at how people LOVE to point out other people’s flaws like the other person somehow doesn’t know they have that flaw.  Like Thank You Captian Obvious.

This happens way too much.   Like people don’t think I know that I am fat ….OMG NO WAY!  Yet anytime someone is in an argument with me or just doesn’t like me…”yeah well, you’re fat”.  Omg I didn’t know!! Like I don’t get reminded every time I eat or go shopping or exist.  

I don’t go around telling people who are missing a limb, “hey you’re missing a limb!”  Or telling Blind people “you can’t see” .   Trust me they know and I know I am fat.  

Why do they do it?  What gives them the right?  So,  just so you know it makes you a big asshole when you do it.  


2 thoughts on “Thanks, Captain Obvious!

    • Just Erica says:

      Thanks Jamie 😁 You would be surprised how often strangers feel the need to comment on it. Yet they don’t know I am working on it and how it is on my mind pretty much 24/7. People suck!


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