Welcome :)

Welcome 🙂

Welcome! So I decided to write a blog. Why?  I have absolutely no idea, just sounded like a good idea, place to spew my experiences to the world. Maybe inform one or two people the right way or wrong way to go about something. A Glimpse into my life as a single mother of two. I will try to keep it mostly PG but I am a single mother of two kids and a veteran, I am well aware the world we live in is rarely PG but I will do my best.  Let me tell a little bit more about me, I have two minions a boy who is 15 years old and a girl who is 18 months old.  After I had my son I always said I wanted one more kid but I didn’t think there would be a 13 year age gap.  Seems the Universe has a sense of humor when it comes to my life. I am divorced, I have lived in many different states and England.  I loved my time in England, I was there for almost 3 years. I tend to be sarcastic a lot, sometimes it just comes falling out of my mouth.  I am at the age were I tend to tell it like it is and not feel sorry for doing so.

A month ago today, I started on a journey to improve myself, to be a better role model for my kiddos.  This journey I realized I have been just doing the bare minimum in life.  So I will subject you all to my successes and failures on improving my life for the better.  YOUR WELCOME ha!   So, we shall be doing this together, hope you’re ready because I am so ready to see what the future holds!

Thanks for stopping by, see you soon.